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Leveraging Customer Reviews Through Google Business

Leveraging Customer Reviews Through Google Business

As a marketing expert in the job shop space I don’t only offer paid services to my customers that help with long term growth goals. I also guide them with strategies along the way that they can run with themselves. These strategies require little effort and make a huge impact on their business and the way potential customers perceive them.

Focused on Maching
Focused on Maching

Every shop should have their own Google Business Page. In fact, one of 3 things a job shop can do to build a marketing presence. Once you have the page and thoroughly fill it out there is still more to do–get reviews!

Who would you trust more? A company profile that has zero reviews or one that has 15+ reviews with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5? Reviews help with social proof and trust-building. It shows prospects real-life examples of how a shop was able to deliver on their promise.

Make it Happen!

Recently, I sent my clients a simple email template to use that encourages their customers to give them a review on Google, an activity that can take just minutes but has a long-lasting impact.

Almost everyone took advantage and started sending them out. One of my customers immediately had some fantastic responses. His shop went from 8 to 19 reviews in less than 24 hours! This greatly impacts the perception of his business when potential customers are doing their due diligence to see if it’s the type of company they want to partner with.

Additionally, you can recycle these testimonials and add them to your website, email marketing footers, and flyers/sales collateral.

Here is the template. Feel free to chop it up, personalize it, and send it over to customers that love your shop! Also, make sure you test your business review link before you send it.


Thank you so much for choosing YourCompanyName for your project, we love working with customers like you! It would really help out our business if you could post a Google review for us, here is the link – https://g.page/COMPANYNAME/review

Thanks so much, we look forward to working with you again soon!



– Matt Sordillo

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Matt Sordillo was the Head of Marketing at RAPID, a CNC machining and sheet metal shop that grew to $50M in sales and was sold to Proto Labs, Inc. (PRLB) in 2017 for $120M. Today, Matt is the Head of Marketing Services at Paperless Parts and is working to provide job shop owners the tools necessary to compete in today’s increasingly digital business world.