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Work Together, Win Together: The Domino Effect of Strong Teamwork

Work Together, Win Together: The Domino Effect of Strong Teamwork

When I was considering joining Paperless Parts, what excited me most was the opportunity to impact an entire industry through strong teamwork. And an important one, at that; custom parts manufacturers are responsible for so much of what we rely on every day. From the roof over my head to the brackets holding together the airplane I’m stepping onto, I view things in our world through a new lens and can appreciate the hard work that went into creating the parts of a whole.

There’s a parallel between this concept and Paperless Parts as an organization: the strength of our team is each individual member. Each Paperless employee is on the same mission (to help manufacturers improve business and free up time to focus on what’s truly important to them) and we’re all equally as determined to get there.

Together, the energy creates a working environment unlike any other I’ve been a part of before. The chemistry between our team members and the camaraderie that develops from cross-team collaboration makes me truly excited to come to work every day.

Paperless Parts team in Boston

Julia with the BDR team after a team lunch outing.

The Tip of the Spear
As a manager of the Business Development team, it’s my job to help lead the people we refer to as the “tip of the spear.” Our BDRs are the first line of contact for all our prospects; through their outreach, we’re able to get the word out about our brand to American manufacturers who could really benefit from our solutions.

I’ve sold software for a variety of other companies throughout my career, and the value was often hard to see – at least right away. Paperless Parts is cool in that it’s a solution for extremely tangible problems and yields results almost immediately. With that in mind, many of the prospects our team connects with are able to see the value early on in the conversation. Of course there is existing brand awareness of Paperless Parts throughout the industry, but we still talk to plenty of manufacturers that haven’t heard of us and are surprised by the possibilities of our software. Those conversations really drive home the importance of the BDR team’s job.

The Domino Effect
I mentioned earlier that the strength of the Paperless Parts team is each individual member. But simultaneously, the strength of each member is the team. We’re such a strong unit and that means that while we celebrate our wins together, we’re more resilient in the face of challenges. No matter how fast the winds change (which at a startup, is fast) we’re all in the same ship sailing in the same direction.

Julia and Dean, Paperless Parts

Julia with co-manager Dean Tanner.

I’m so excited for the future of this company. I only joined a few months ago, but because of how welcoming everyone has been I feel like I’ve been here for much longer. I played team sports my whole life, and I find so many similarities between my role as captain of the soccer team and my role as BDR manager (in the best way possible).

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, it’s never been a better time to join Paperless Parts. Not only will you be joining a strong team, but a team that’s building something within an industry that can be greatly impacted by technology. We have so many open roles right now – I highly encourage checking them out!

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Julia Cipriano is a Business Development Manager at Paperless Parts. She joined the team in 2022 with 5+ years of experience working in professional business development roles, and brings leadership experience as former captain of the women’s soccer team at Wheaton College. Julia resides in South Boston with her fiancé.