I joined Paperless Parts for three main reasons: opportunity, necessity, and the team. On my previous Business Development Representative (BDR) team, the opportunity to learn and grow was limited. Within my first conversation with Paperless Parts, I immediately noticed that opportunity was present. In speaking with leadership, I saw their success and incredible career paths they had led. I knew that I wanted to learn how to sell and grow my career from them. As someone who is extremely interested in the Boston software industry, the opportunity to learn from such great leaders on how to build a winning SaaS organization was too difficult to pass up. On top of this, I had no background in industrial or mechanical engineering, so I saw an opportunity to learn about a field that really interested me. Not only do we have incredible leaders teaching us how to get better every day, but we also support an incredibly interesting and important industry that has a huge need for software enhancements.

This brings me to my second reason: necessity. The necessity of the Paperless Parts software significantly influenced my decision to join the team. Industrial manufacturing is an essential business, yet custom parts manufacturers have antiquated operations from a software standpoint. Our software has the ability to not only help tens of thousands of job shops and individuals, but also to be at the forefront of another industrial revolution. Through the combination of the need for our software within the industry and the room Paperless Parts has to grow our platform, I see Paperless Parts becoming the “salesforce.com” of manufacturing. The necessity of software like ours within manufacturing makes being a part of Paperless Parts extremely exciting.

Finally, the team here at Paperless Parts was perhaps the biggest selling point. I spent time interviewing with various members of our team, ranging from our CEO to our Head of Product to one of our Customer Success Managers. In every conversation, I noticed how unified and fired up everyone was about Paperless Parts. Having played sports my whole life, I could tell instantly that this was a winning team. The passion and motivation that everyone has in working tirelessly to make Paperless Parts the best it can be is unrivaled. The passion and motivation felt is infectious. You see everyone working so hard for you that it inspires you to work as hard as you possibly can for everyone else. At bigger companies, it is far easier to go through the motions, slip through the cracks, and just clock in and clock out. For some people this is fine. Personally, I don’t like just being another cog in the machine. At Paperless Parts, everything you do counts, everybody works extremely hard, and everyone’s passion inspires me every day to give more effort than the last. It is extremely hard to find this type of environment and for internally motivated and competitive people, this is the exact work environment you’ll prosper in.

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