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Why I Joined Paperless Parts: Connor LaChapelle (Account Executive)

Why I Joined Paperless Parts: Connor LaChapelle (Account Executive)

I was hesitant to leave one of the largest technology companies to join a team of about 20 people at Paperless Parts. However, two months later, I can already tell it was one of the best decisions of my professional career. I feel that my effort and voice have a more tangible impact on building a business which has resulted in a more fulfilling work life. It is rare for young professionals to have the opportunity to help shape the strategy of a company. Now I have the chance to assist in designing the machine, as opposed to being a cog within it. Although challenging, the level of talent, trust, and grit at Paperless Parts makes all ambitions achievable.

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One of my primary reservations prior to taking on a role at Paperless Parts was that I was a stranger to custom part manufacturing. I only had a vague awareness of milling, lathe, and sheet metal work. As an Account Executive at any company, the most significant advantage is having a deep understanding of the customers’ world – the processes they employ, the technologies they use, and the challenges they face. The Paperless Parts team knows their customers intimately enough that they were able to get me up to speed and hitting my numbers within a month.

I was originally anxious about my ability to demonstrate new software that remedied problems in an industry I knew little about. By the end of the first month, I was confidently leading demos with no one on for support, although teammates were readily available whenever requested. Not even 12 weeks have gone by, and I have led more than 30 sales cycles from start to finish, nearly a third of which has resulted in closed won business for our team. The high quality inbound and outbound leads, in addition to a supportive product team, makes Paperless Parts a place where any account executive can thrive.