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Why Digital Quotes?

Why Digital Quotes?

“Every decision that could have the slightest impact on the customer must be carefully considered before moving forward. As we move into the digital era of customer service, that is more true than ever. A customer is not a transaction or account number. A customer is a human being.”

– Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, Bestselling Author of The Amazement Revolution


Our team strongly believes that every interaction a customer has with your company is a driver for repeat business. This has become especially prevalent now that your buyers are craving faster quote to order cycles with less human interaction and a seamless online experience. These standards were only available to the top manufacturing companies and those with the budget to spend on leveling up their website–until now. Paperless Parts is helping shops across the country stay competitive by providing an awesome online customer experience. It’s time to stop looking at your customers as part numbers and invest in their experience with your shop!


The Digital Quote Experience


Capture Expedites  

Time sensitive buyers likely won’t tell you they are willing to pay more for their parts sooner, but what if you were able to communicate the trade off of speed and cost with one click on any quote? Paperless Parts removes the admin overhead and dreadful data entry in drafting multiple quotes for a series of quantity and lead times. Below you can see how we applied a standard lead time and the percentage markup to get the parts faster. The key here is displaying the value of time, just like Fedex does by communicating next day delivery as Early AM Overnight and costing three times as much. Faster lead time options can be easy money. If your shop is at capacity, increase the percentage markup to what makes it worth bumping other jobs down the queue (5x, 6x, 10x unit price?).


Provide Transparency to Your Customers

By digitizing a quote, you are now open to an unlimited amount of displayable information. Clearly communicate the requested process, material, and finish with any part specific quote item notes so you and the buyer are reading off the same sheet of music.

With multiple revisions being emailed back and forth, the risk of building off the wrong one is extremely high, so we included a 3D viewer right in the quote. The buyer is able to interact with a model without leaving the quote or using any third party viewers. As one shop using Paperless said, “this feature alone has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and hours when a customer calls and says we quoted rev B not C. All thanks to your quote viewer.”

Share, download, and checkout all from the digital quote. With a digital quote link, the engineer can review the quote and place the order or easily share the link with other people in their organization like the purchasing department. Buyers can easily checkout with a credit card or purchase order through an Amazon-like checkout experience.


Insights into the Buyer

Because your customer is interacting with a digital quote, your shop sees when the quote has been viewed. Notice that the customer has viewed the quote 5 times? It might be time to pick up the phone and find out how to get the order over the line. This more immediate feedback helps you provide a better customer experience that will leave your current and potential customers coming back for more.


Winning with the Digital Quote

By using Paperless Parts, you are investing in your customer experience. It’s time to start giving buyers the ability to make tradeoffs between speed and cost all while making your shop stand out from the guy down the street. Customers are no longer part numbers–they are young, speed-hungry, tech-savvy humans looking for a superior customer experience to make their purchasing easier.

If you are ready to level up your shop’s customer experience and want to see how else Paperless Parts can help, signup for a demo today.

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