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Who is Paperless Parts?

Who is Paperless Parts?

Paperless Parts was founded with a mission to make manufacturing more accessible.

Every day, we hear manufacturers tell us that software companies force them to change how they work to fit their product. We believe this is wrong: there is no “one size fits all” workflow for every manufacturing business.

Manufacturers should have the flexibility to choose and customize the tools they use for the job – this should be true for software, just as it is on the shop floor. The tools you choose should make your life easier, not create more work and problems.

We created the Paperless Platform: the secure, ITAR-compliant, cloud-based manufacturing system that reduces time spent on sales, estimating, quoting, administration, and order processing, with seamless integrations for the software tools you already use.

Paperless Parts gives you the flexibility to streamline your workflow so you can be more productive and generate more revenue.

Champions for Manufacturing

We are a motivated group of creators with diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, software, start-ups, and national defense. We are intentional in everything we do, gritty in the pursuit of excellence, and curious with a bias for action. Paperless was built for manufacturers, by manufacturers.

We didn’t start in a garage, like Microsoft or Amazon – we started in a job shop.

Over the last three years, we’ve spent time in hundreds of manufacturing operations: from the smallest one-person job shop, to high-volume production operations doing $100M contracts. We’ve spoken with thousands of owners and operators, analyzed tens of thousands of 3D parts files, and supported millions of dollars in orders. After helping early adopters of all sizes realize their potential, we are ready to share the Paperless Platform with the world.

Choose the right tool for the job: schedule your personal 15 minute demo and see how Paperless Parts can make your shop more productive and profitable.