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Top Sessions to Attend at NTMA Connect

Top Sessions to Attend at NTMA Connect

NTMA is hosting their virtual spring conference, NTMA Connect, on March 29-30th, where expert speakers will equip members with the strategy and tools they need to succeed in today’s manufacturing industry and to prepare for the future. The event has multiple ways for members to engage with experts, including business development sessions, educational breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions. There are many sessions to choose from over the 2-day conference, and we are breaking down the sessions we think all NTMA members should attend.

1. Tune into the Opening Keynote “The Way I See It” with Doug Woods, President of Association of Manufacturing Technology

So much is changing in the manufacturing industry, and this last year posed many challenges. With a fragmented industry and a continuous push for modernization comes challenges to drive growth and stay competitive. Join Woods as he assesses the state of the industry and shares what he believes can drive growth and success for manufacturers in 2021 and beyond. He will dive into the need for advancements in shop tech, new innovations to help shops work smarter, and will look at disruptions to industry norms to give a view into what is shaping manufacturing today, and what he thinks is on the horizon for the industry in the coming years.

2. Innovate or Evaporate with John Nottingham, Co-President, Nottingham Spirk

Nottingham Spirk is an established leader in disruptive innovation, partnering with companies to propel economic growth through innovation. One key way to integrate innovative processes and adopt industry 4.0 is through adopting market-focused technologies. Learn from Nottingham on how to do this effectively and think outside the box to build your business, pursue uncharted territory, and accelerate growth.

3. Leveraging Data to Improve Shop Floor Efficiency Levels with Jim Kosmala, Vice President of Engineering & Technology, Okuma America Corporation

Every shop owner knows that shop efficiency has a direct correlation to shop revenue. Collecting data is something all shops do, but understanding and analyzing that data to make better decisions is a key thing many shops are missing today. Jim Kosmala talks about the importance of turning data into knowledge that can ultimately lead to process improvements and efficiencies.

4. Don’t miss the Paperless Parts Panel on What it Takes to Make Money in 2021 during your lunch break on day 2! 

Custom part manufacturing is changing faster and faster. From buyer’s expectation of quicker quotes and lead-times to Russian hackers, you are challenged to not only meet payroll but to invest in the tools of the twenty-first century so you remain profitable. Hear from Jason Ray, Co-Founder & CEO of Paperless Parts, Grady Cope, President & CEO at Reata Engineering & Machine Works, Steve Tamasi, Owner & CEO, Boston Centerless, and Jay Jacobs, Chairman of the Board at Paperless Parts in a no-holds-barred conversation about industry trends, including consolidation, rollups, venture capital investment, new technology, and how these trends will impact NTMA members. Get an inside look at how manufacturers are using Paperless Parts to protect their shops, remain profitable, and ease the entry into the sometimes scary new digital world.

5. Make sure to catch the closing keynote: Smart Manufacturing & Your Company in 2021 with Paul Wellener, Vice Chairman, US Industrial Products & Construction Leader, Deloitte, LLP

As you will notice, there is a trend in many of these sessions: to remain competitive, today’s manufacturers must leverage Industry 4.0 technologies. This is a challenge for many organizations as they try to develop a strategy for digital technologies, and without an organized approach and the right evaluation, investments could fail to deliver results. Hear from Paul Wellener, who will share Deloitte’s findings on smart manufacturing and how to think about adopting Industry 4.0 technologies.

Paperless Parts is a proud sponsor of the event, come visit us in our virtual business center to chat with our team and learn how Paperless Parts is helping organizations digitize the front-office, so manufacturers can improve collaboration, quote faster, reduce risk, and increase revenue.