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Through Association Management, Kaity VanAmersfort Furthers An Industry

Through Association Management, Kaity VanAmersfort Furthers An Industry

Kaity VanAmersfort and I have been collaborating for almost a year now as Paperless Parts works to support regional chapters of the NTMA (National Tooling & Machining Association). She is the type of person you’d hope to work with on the other side of a partnership—super sharp, goal-oriented, direct, and kind. It’s these traits, plus a very enjoyable sense of humor, that makes her a stellar leader for 5 NTMA chapters as she guides their boards through local and national issues and events that impact manufacturers. It’s been my pleasure getting to know her, and it’s time you do, too!

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Why Kaity VanAmersfort is a Woman in American Manufacturing Worth Knowing

She started and currently runs her own association management company, C&R Management. Not only does she manage manufacturing association chapters, but she also runs a financial planning group, a women in business association, and several others. To have the perspective this affords her is incredibly valuable; she’s managing so many associations that she can develop her own best practices, clone programs that work, and bring ideas to different industries. It sounds like a uniquely awesome role that she has crafted for herself and that she says excites her every day. I believe her.

I also appreciate Kaity’s very straightforward approach to managing an association board: she coaches them to run their organization like a business. It sounds basic, but in the nonprofit world, sometimes that approach is not an obvious one. This has been a game-changer for many of her chapters, and is likely the reason why she is in high demand as a chapter executive.

A Surprising Thing That Came Out of the Conversation

For some in the industry, this may not come as a surprise, but I was floored by the stories of collaboration among manufacturing competitors that Kaity shared during the episode. She has witnessed countless shop leaders share work with other manufacturers, lend a hand when someone’s business is struggling, and drop everything they’re doing to give OSHA inspection advice to fellow manufacturers in the moment of the surprise visit. This camaraderie and openness often happen behind the scenes; they’re not things that shops would typically share publicly, so it’s not often we hear of these incredible examples of collaboration and support. Certainly, there is much sharing of ideas and best practices, and lifelong friendships built between manufacturing leaders, but these less common stories illuminate a different side of the industry: a truly dedicated, compassionate network of individuals who want to see American manufacturers thrive– not just their own business.

Key Takeaway: Manufacturing is Just Plain Cool.

Getting to spend so much time in shops and with the people who run them, Kaity is privy to the incredible things they make that help drive our world forward. Life-saving medical devices? Check. Pieces that will go into a NASA space shuttle? Check. The list could go on seemingly forever, but suffice it to say, Kaity sees enough parts on a regular basis that she is perpetually excited by supporting the manufacturers who create them. It inspires her to do better and be better every day.

Favorite Answer From Rapid Fire Questions

She would like Kim Kardashian to work in manufacturing with her because by exposing her followers to the industry, it could transform the next generation’s view of manufacturing, and ensure its stability and place in American culture.

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