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The Team Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Customer Success at Paperless Parts

The Team Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Customer Success at Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts has built its Customer Success process from scratch, centering its approach around the unique needs of every job shop to ensure they get the most out of our product. Our Customer Success team is transforming the manufacturing industry through each job shop we work with. Why should you want to be part of this transformation?

Newly out of college, Ben Barton started traveling to his first on-sites as a Paperless Parts Customer Success Manager (CSM). From the beginning, he saw his critical role in software implementation in job shops and in the relationship management that ensures customers grow with Paperless Parts software.

“I love working with our customers. They’re such hardworking, honest people, and they’re placing their trust in us,” Ben said. “It’s such an awesome opportunity to demonstrate the power of Paperless Parts.”

For Ben, there is a balance between demonstrating the powerful nature of the software and addressing the concerns manufacturers may have about adopting new software, be it a reflection of a poor past experience or it simply going against their current systems. CSMs are responsible for building a true understanding of the manufacturers they work with and encouraging them to see what is possible by automating their quoting processes.

Ben describes the CSM role above all as “work worth doing,” explaining the rare and wonderful opportunity he has to help manufacturers “who are the backbone of the American and global economies.”

Revolutionizing American manufacturing means going above and beyond. The standard workday involves training and interacting with customers, but much of the configuration, preparation, and scaling of training takes place outside of this. As Ben puts it, the ability to revolutionize a critical industry makes all of the work worth doing.

So, what are some of the skills that you should have as a CSM at Paperless Parts?

According to Ben, being an adept CSM starts with having charisma. As a CSM, you are tasked with showing up to the first meeting with a job shop and winning over a room full of people who may be skeptical about adopting any software. CSMs are responsible for making people feel comfortable and confident using our product, as this emotional aspect is critical to the trust they place in Paperless Parts and their success using it in the future.

Humility is another necessary trait for a CSM. Ben notes how important it is to recognize the expertise that the customer has in the manufacturing industry and the value of their input on our product. Fostering a cycle of regular feedback from customers is key for improving the software, better understanding the industry, and promoting the always-learning mentality we have here on the Paperless Parts team.

To be a CSM at Paperless Parts is to drive into practice our vision of revolutionizing manufacturing ⁠— and there has never been a better time for it. “The opportunity is so enormous right now to change the manufacturing industry,” Ben said. “Paperless Parts is going to be facilitating that change.”