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Paperless Parts: Knocking Down Walls in Manufacturing

Paperless Parts: Knocking Down Walls in Manufacturing

As a team, we are always looking for ways better serve manufacturers and champion innovation. We want to share some exciting updates with you, but first, a quick look at the past two years at Paperless Parts.

The team at Paperless Parts originally set out to build a platform to help streamline the communication and commerce between buyers and suppliers of custom manufactured parts. We believed the most effective way to do this was through building a marketplace powered by instant pricing.

We learned a lot in the last two years. Through collaboration with our customers, we found that the real pain is quoting. With the hundreds of shops we talked to, we heard again and again how quoting is the bottleneck for growing their business. It is clear that there are huge opportunities in improving the quoting process for manufacturers. With this in mind, we are temporarily suspending the marketplace to focus on the Paperless Parts Platform built to help manufacturers streamline their quoting process.

To support our focus on the Paperless Parts Platform, we have taken the following actions:

Updated Website and Blog Focused on Helping Job Shops

We have launched a new website to highlight our secure, ITAR-compliant, cloud-based manufacturing platform. If your job shop is not using the Paperless Platform yet, signup for a demo today to see how we can help. In addition to the Paperless Parts Platform, our blog has articles published weekly to help manufacturers of all sizes. These insights come from the hundreds of conversations we have with shop owners and the problems they face day-to-day. Explore our blog here.

Knocking Down Walls and Growing the Team

With our focus on the Paperless Parts Platform, our team and our space is primed for the next step of the company’s growth.


The new entrance of our office includes a sign quoted and ordered through the Paperless Parts Platform.


Members of the team enjoying the expanded office


Our team grew with the addition of our new sales team. They bring over 30 years of combined experience working closely with manufacturers

The Exciting Road Ahead

We are thrilled to continue down this path of serving manufacturers. There are major improvements coming to the platform aimed at breaking down the challenges manufacturers face everyday. Stay tuned as we roll out more updates in the coming weeks.

— Roger Maranan

Ready to see how Paperless Parts can help your job shop? Signup for a demo today.

Roger Maranan is the Head of Product at Paperless Parts. He has spent his career focused on building products for manufacturers and engineers. He holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Boston University.