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JobBoss and Paperless Parts Teaming to Revolutionize Manufacturing Quoting Software

JobBoss and Paperless Parts Teaming to Revolutionize Manufacturing Quoting Software

Quoting software for the manufacturing industry has long been an integral part of most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, but most custom part job shops don’t really want to spin the cycles setting up ERP settings for jobs they haven’t won.

Lacking connectivity between manufacturing quoting software and an ERP creates challenges; on its own, your quoting software solution may fail to account for nuances in your shop’s inventory, schedule, employee availability, or other key data points.

And while ERP software is great for streamlining things like order processing, payroll, or accounting, it hasn’t historically been able to streamline your quoting process on its own; relying on your ERP system to quote means spending a lot of your time:

  • “Setting up the job” for a quote you haven’t yet won
  • Entering all the routing information with estimates for setup and cycle times
  • Determining the bill of materials (BOM)
  • Coming up with the price for that material quantity (if you don’t have current materials pricing, you’ll need to go to your providers and get a quote – that alone can take days)

For quite a while, Paperless Parts’ quoting software for custom part manufacturers has offered an integration with ECI’s JobBOSS: an ERP tool designed for custom part manufacturers. This has allowed users to streamline their quoting process by eliminating the need for manual and duplicate data entry.

Under the terms of Paperless Parts’ new partnership with ECI, our Product teams have collaborated to make the JobBOSS quoting integration better than ever.

With our two-way import/export functionality, joint customers can now:

  • Turn quotes around faster
  • Streamline order fulfillment
  • Handle changes on the fly
  • Reduce human error
  • Send professional, digital quotes to customers
  • Remain secure with our ITAR-registered and cloud-native platform

We’re also working on a new integration for JobBOSS², which is slated to launch by the end of this year.

See the JobBOSS x Paperless Parts integration in action in this short demo video:

Unlock the Black Box

The new Paperless Parts integration with JobBoss is the first to leverage our recently released Integrations Actions Framework, which can be used to connect Paperless Parts to ERP systems, CRM tools, marketing platforms, accounting software, and more and allows users to manage, monitor, and interact with their external software integrations seamlessly from within Paperless Parts.

This Framework provides users with the ability to initiate actions in Paperless Parts to other software systems, in most cases without even leaving the screen they’re currently on. Not switching between screens = valuable time savings.

Gain Visibility into your Integrations’ Behavior

This framework allows users to initiate actions in external software systems from within Paperless Parts. In most cases, users won’t even need to leave the screen they’re currently on. If they want to trigger an integration action related to a quote, they can do that directly from our Build-a-Quote page.

They can also view logs of integration activity, which is otherwise a black box. This way, they can verify and track that integrations were successful:

quoting software for manufacturing

Reduce the Development Burden

Another key benefit of this new framework is that it gives external developers the ability to build a user interface for new integrations, giving users the same display logs and integration health status they would get with the JobBOSS/Paperless integrations.

There’s no longer a need for developers to build a user interface for their integrations, which in turn results in lower costs for our customers. External developers will now have a mechanism for displaying logs and integration health, and for creating arbitrary action triggers, which are things they would otherwise have to build themselves. Less development work = juicy cost savings for manufacturers.

ERP and quoting software for manufacturing have both been supercharged by the partnership between ECI and Paperless Parts. If you’re a custom parts manufacturer looking for a manufacturing quoting software that integrates seamlessly with an ERP designed around your unique needs, be sure to reach out to our team today to see how these solutions can transform your shop today.

See how quoting with JobBOSS + Paperless Parts can transform your business today.


Rob Carrington is a Product Manager at Paperless Parts.