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Level Up Your Website’s RFQ Form with Paperless Parts

Level Up Your Website’s RFQ Form with Paperless Parts

We constantly hear shops ask us, “How do I win new customers?” — Our answer: take advantage of potential new customers visiting your website by optimizing your RFQ form! This is especially true if you are running any marketing campaigns to bring buyers to your website. The Paperless Parts Smart RFQ Form™ can help your shop streamline the quoting process, beginning with the moment a buyer submits an RFQ. Easily implemented on your existing site, the Smart RFQ Form™ offers several competitive advantages.


1. Fast, Streamlined Communication with Your Customer

Potential new customers care about fast response time. 53% of industrial buyers expected to be contacted within 24 hours of submitting an RFQ. After submitting an RFQ, your customers receive an automated confirmation message to make it clear that their business is your top priority. 

Statistics from Thomas Net


2. ITAR Compliant File Transfer

Instead of dealing with encrypted ZIP files, your ITAR customers can upload their data directly using the Smart RFQ Form™. Paperless Parts is stored on Amazon GovCloud, ensuring the customer’s data is secure. Read more about how Paperless Parts handles ITAR and Data Security.



3. No Manual Data Entry, Quotes Ready to Go

All the customer information and all their files are automatically uploaded to the Paperless Platform. You no longer have to manually enter the customer contact information. There is no need to download CAD files and prints to store on a network drive. The Paperless Platform handles all of that manual work for you, automatically generating a quote for your team.

The Paperless Parts Platform highlights RFQs that needs your team’s attention


4. Track your RFQ Performance

The analytics on the Paperless Parts Platform track your RFQ performance. The data collected in the Smart RFQ Form™ also include customer input on how they found your website, giving insight into the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Measure RFQ performance in the Analytics Dashboard


How the Paperless Smart RFQ Form Works

  1. Customers enter their personal information.
  2. Customers upload their part files and supporting documents, capturing everything needed to quote the part.
  3. Your team receives an email notification that a prospective customer has submitted an RFQ instantly. It is time to get into Paperless Parts to prepare and send that quote!

Better RFQ Experience, Faster Quote Turnaround

How S&S Machine improved their RFQ Form with Paperless Parts

We want you and your team to focus on getting parts out the door, not on manual data entry and admin work often associated with RFQs. With the Paperless Parts Smart RFQ Form™, you’ll capture more business, quote faster, and win more orders!

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