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How to Clearly Communicate Your Shop’s Value to Your Buyers

How to Clearly Communicate Your Shop’s Value to Your Buyers

In job shop manufacturing, the art of bidding isn’t just about numbers; it’s also about communication. Not all bids are created equal, and the ability to convey the intricacies of how you arrive at your price can be a game-changer.

By sharing the journey behind your decisions and presenting information to your buyers clearly, you enable more informed decision-making for OEMs, who often opt for a shop with a higher price tag when they have a clear picture of the value they’ll receive. So how can you communicate more clearly through your quotes?

1. Break out NRE Fees for Transparent Pricing

The process of how you arrive at a price can be a mystery for many OEMs, and breaking out Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) fees is crucial for transparency. These fees encompass the time spent engineering the process, which should remain proprietary, along with costs such as hard tooling or one-time job startup expenses. Communicating these fees becomes significantly easier when pricing strategies are codified, digitized, and accessible.

2. Offer Dynamic Lead Times for Enhanced Flexibility

With project lead times getting progressively tighter, time is of the essence for both you and your buyers. Offering dynamic pricing options on your quote allows for greater flexibility in meeting customer needs. Many buyers are willing to pay for expedited delivery, while others may prefer to wait in exchange for cost savings. The ability to present these options clearly and efficiently can significantly impact the decision-making process for customers.

“We were surprised by the fact that many customers choose to pay for expedited delivery. In just the first three months of using Paperless Parts, we received $40,000 in additional expedited revenue that we would not have seen in the past.” – Dan Villemaire, President, C&M Precision Tech

3. Present a Professional Quote

The appearance of your quote reflects the professionalism of your shop. If your brand stands for quality, precision, and professionalism, a messy presentation of quotes in Excel or PDF documents may not convey the same level of excellence. Paperless Parts helps you craft professional and visually appealing quotes that can enhance the overall buyer experience and contribute to a positive perception of your brand.

4. Treat Every Quote Like a Marketing Touchpoint

Every quote you send is an opportunity to showcase what makes your shop unique in the market. But, estimators are often tied up in the manual tasks involved in generating quotes, leaving little time for crafting personalized messages that highlight your shop’s value proposition. Leveraging templates can streamline this process, enabling you to consistently present well-articulated messages that effectively communicate your shop’s strengths and differentiators. See how Paperless Parts can be leveraged as a sales and marketing tool >>

The ROI of Clarity

Clear communication in job shop manufacturing is not always seamless, but it is essential. Transparency in pricing, flexibility in lead times, professional presentation of quotes, and utilizing each quote as a marketing touchpoint are all crucial elements in helping you stand out amongst competitors and win the jobs you want.

Paperless Parts makes communication more manageable, helping your shop establish and maintain strong relationships with OEMs in today’s ever-evolving, increasingly competitive landscape. Schedule a free demo today to see how.