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How Our Customers Set Us Apart at Paperless Parts

How Our Customers Set Us Apart at Paperless Parts

We’ve all experienced the frustration of struggling to use a technology we’re unfamiliar with. What’s even worse is feeling like no one is there to help. As a member of the support team at Paperless Parts, my job is to make sure none of our customers ever experience that when using our software.

While I support our customers in a literal sense, I experience every day the impact that our customers have on our organization. Without their help, I don’t know where we would be.

A People-First Mindset

One day shortly after graduating from college, I came across a friend’s LinkedIn post about her new job at Paperless Parts. I explored their website and stumbled upon their “customer case studies” page. Reading page after page of first-person accounts about this software transforming people’s businesses and personal lives was incredibly inspiring.

As soon as I had my first interview, it was clear to me that not only did our customers love our product, but the people at this organization loved our customers. I heard a lot of praise about how hardworking and kind our customers were, and that they helped us just as much – if not more – than we helped them.

A people-first mindset was prevalent; I knew that this was a place where everyone worked together and supported one another, whether it was a fellow employee or a client.

How Our Customers Support Us

I quickly realized the domino effect that caring about your customers has across an organization. The benefits are felt in so many different ways:

Our customers want to see us grow as much as we do.
We all share the same goals and are on the same mission: to make manufacturing more accessible. This makes my job a lot easier; working with people who appreciate what you’re doing establishes trust and makes it easier to build strong, genuine relationships. It also helps us spread awareness of our brand and grow our business, since our customers are incredibly relationship-driven themselves and happily spread the word about Paperless across their networks.

Our customers believe in our product.
They truly have a voice and are encouraged to provide feedback wherever possible. This helps us drive more meaningful product innovation and continuously design the platform in a way that effectively relieves real pain points. They enthusiastically provide feedback, creating a more seamless experience for themselves and their fellow users. It also means that we’re able to attract and retain more happy customers.

Here’s one of my favorite recent quotes from our customer at Black Mountain Manufacturing (whose case study actually inspired me to apply to Paperless Parts – a full-circle moment!):

“I’d like to say that we appreciate all of the quality of life features that are included in this most recent version of Paperless, as well as the recent bug fixes and loading time improvements. We’ve absolutely noticed and these improvements have saved us a lot of quoting time. I’m definitely liking the direction Paperless is heading and look forward to seeing what you all do next. Thanks again, everyone!”

Our customers teach us about our own jobs.
While I may be equipped to answer someone’s question about how to configure run times, integrate an ERP system, or complete an assembly, I never would know how to provide those answers if I hadn’t learned the subject matter from our customers. Because our customers are so enthusiastic about our platform, they share more about their work and get excited to teach us new things that we can apply later on in conversations with other customers.

Our jobs are more rewarding.
The more support our customers show us, the more value myself and my teammates find in our work. Reading those customer success stories, solving a challenge that frees up someone’s day, having a customer tell me that they’re gaining back hours in their day thanks to our platform – it makes it exciting to come to work every morning.

Customer Success Paperless Parts

Donna and a few fellow Paperless Parts teammates at a recent company outing.

Looking to join a real support network?
If you enjoy helping others, Paperless Parts may be the place for you. But if you also enjoy being supported by a group of awesome colleagues and an entire network of customers across the country, it’s definitely worth applying. Head over to our Careers page to view all our open roles!

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Donna To has been working at Paperless Parts as a Support Specialist since graduating from Lehigh University in 2021 with a BS in Computer Science and Business. She was recently promoted to Senior Support Specialist.