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Credit Card Checkout in Manufacturing

Credit Card Checkout in Manufacturing

“Creating more memorable online experiences not only generates sales, it creates emotion, company connection and loyalty. It’s no longer enough to offer great products or have the coolest office. It helps, yes, but in the end, it all comes back to emotions, to making people feel unique and special.” – Founder of Empathy Ecommerce. 

Step back and think about the last time you ordered something online. The process more likely than not was simple and fast with a credit card. Now, how does this buying experience connect to manufacturing? Custom part buyers have become used to this simple online transaction process and now expect the same experience while working with shops like yours. They are looking for an easy credit card checkout in manufacturing.

I have heard the same objection time and time again: “People don’t spend thousands of dollars on credit cards in this industry.” Granted, while this can be true to a certain extent for large blanket PO’s ($150,000+), quick-turn prototype work (< $70,000) is a different story! Engineers all over the world have credit cards with increasingly high limits. These customers would much rather work with a shop which allows them to order their parts while sitting at their desk, rather than waiting for the request from purchasing to cut a Purchase Order from their Product Life Management system. 

Your shop may currently support credit card payments. However, note that driving customers to a third party site still inconveniences them and impacts your company’s image. Worse, documenting information over the phone puts your shop at risk while handling PCI (payment card industry) information. How much risk you ask? PCI Compliance Guide says that, “possible fines of $5,000 to $100,000 per month for compliance violations are in effect all over the country.” This is why we built our online checkout system on the most secure payment processing platform on the market. The same one that Amazon, Lyft, and DocuSign use. 

I would bet that you have invested in the machines on your shop floor. It is time to invest in your customer experience. In the end, today’s part buyers are not the same as they were 30 years ago. They crave online experiences, and prefer working with shops which offer a simple checkout over shops that do not. 

– Riley Eger, Customer Success Manager