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Announcing Paperless Parts’ Latest Flywheel Award Winners

Announcing Paperless Parts’ Latest Flywheel Award Winners

In a flywheel, the first few turns are the hardest. But once it’s in motion, it’s hard to stop. This is just like building momentum in an organization. We view Paperless Parts and the impact our employees have on a daily basis as a flywheel: many small actions taken by our team members got the flywheel moving, and continue to keep it circulating every day.

Flywheel Awards are our quarterly recognition of individuals that go above and beyond to “turn a flywheel” in a way that propels our company forward.

The Flywheel Award is also designed to celebrate not just what was accomplished, but how those things were accomplished. Flywheel Award winners truly embody our core values:

  • “We are intentional.” We are committed, focused, and deliberate in the work we undertake. We plan ahead, have clear ownership, prioritize, and refine often to ensure our delivery of the best outcome.
  • “We are persistent.” We are never done in our quest to improve and grow. Both individually and as a team, we are gritty and will do whatever it takes to deliver impactful outcomes in our pursuit of excellence.
  • “We are a team.” Relationships matter with each other and our customers. We ask questions and listen. We synthesize, learn, empathize, and take action. This is all in service of creating the best possible experience and solutions for our colleagues and customers.

This quarter, we are proud to announce the following five incredible individuals as our Flywheel Award winners:

Alex Sinson

Alex Sinson, Product Manager

Alex was recognized especially for her intentionality and persistence in delivering a compelling solution to streamlining the quoting process around repeat work. Here’s what her colleague, Dana Wensberg, had to say when nominating Alex:

“Alex has consistently been a critical, core member of our team ever since she started. She has embraces the ‘message to Garcia‘ mindset. No one told her how to do support—she figured it out. No one told her how to do implementation—she figured it out. No one told her how to do product management—she figured it out. Alex does her job well, she does it with a good attitude, and she makes everyone around her better. I want her on my team.”

Matthew Gothard

Matthew Gothard, Technical Implementation Specialist

Matt was recognized for persistence and teamwork in his work supporting a wide variety of challenging customers through the onboarding process. Here’s Matt’s colleague Jack Eccles’ reason for nominating him for this award:

“Since week one, Matt has been coming up with innovative ways to move the Technical Implementation team forward. Since then, he has been a go-to person for tackling complex customers and building great relationships with our champions. Every customer Matt works with has a glowing review of his customer service and persistence in delivering to their expectations. He will get into the details with customers and develop creative technical solutions to meet their needs.”

Anne Marie Tracey

Anne Marie Tracey, Marketing Deployment Specialist


Anne Marie’s persistence and teamwork earned her the Flywheel Award this quarter. As our Marketing Deployment Specialist, she works with our customers every day, and they all love her. Here’s what Paperless Parts VP of Services & Solutions, Jon Dorr, had to say when nominating Anne Marie:

“Anne Marie has really stepped up to take over Marketing Solutions for our customers. She has taken on far more responsibilities recently, while balancing a full workload and is always willing to lean in more or help out. Since Anne Marie joined the Customer Experience team, you can really see her desire to engrain herself into the team and Paperless Parts overall. I’m excited for what’s in store for Anne Marie and her career with Paperless—she is persistent. She is a team player.”

Suzy Leamon

Suzy Leamon, Field Marketing Manager
Suzy Leamon, Field Marketing Manager

Suzy embodies our values of “we are a team” and “persistence in the pursuit of excellence” to drive our field marketing function. According to Paperless Parts Chief Marketing Officer Sarah McAuley:

“Suzy has created a new marketing motion for Paperless Parts, deeply embedding herself into the sales organization and working as a partner. She has embraced getting to know our customers and regularly surfaces insights and ideas based on that effort. She doesn’t just throw out cool ideas; she throws out cool ideas based on an understanding of our customers.”

Stuart Hanberg

Stuart Hanberg, Senior UX/UI Designer

Stuart is a team player and persistent in how he works with his colleagues providing mentorship, collaboration, and feedback. His team member Erica Granor shared her reasoning for nominating Stuart for the Flywheel Award:

“Stuart is constantly thinking about process and how to make design at Paperless Parts consistent, rigorous, and sustainable in the long-term. To help other designers design faster and with more consistency, he is constantly updating the design system in our design tools. His questions are always forward-thinking, focused on the big picture and the future, and not just the task at hand. He shares relevant, thoughtful articles with the company and serves as a great example for the design team. Stuart is the epitome of pushing from individual decisions to process.”

Congratulations to all of this quarter’s winners! We cannot overstate our appreciation for your hard work and dedication towards building positive momentum at Paperless Parts.

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