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An Inside Look at Life as a BDR at Paperless Parts

An Inside Look at Life as a BDR at Paperless Parts

Andrew McCawley joined Paperless Parts as a Business Development Representative (BDR) in July of 2021. Since then, the BDR team has quadrupled and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. To help paint a picture for anyone that’s wondering what it’s really like to be a BDR at Paperless Parts, we sat down with Andrew to get the inside scoop.

What made you decide to join Paperless Parts in the first place?

I went to college with JM D’Augelli, who was working at Paperless at the time and reached out to me about the opportunity. He framed it as a small but rapidly growing startup in the manufacturing space that’d be a great place to grow my skills and career.

After looking into the company on my own, I could tell that it was a place where I’d be on the ground floor of something taking off fast. I knew I’d have the opportunity to really learn sales as a skill, work with honest, hardworking customers, and receive mentorship from experienced leaders. There was also the exciting aspect of dipping my toes into a highly technical industry and learning things I never learned in college. Plus, I had the chance to work right in the heart of Boston.

“We share in our successes, cheer each other on, and really enjoy our time in the office. I’ve built so many amazing relationships here over this past year.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Paperless Parts?

Not everyone gets the chance to truly enjoy their first job out of college, and I feel incredibly fortunate that I do.

Even though I’m in an entry level position, I’ve been able to have a real impact on the company; the activities I choose to do every day have a profound domino effect: as BDRs, we’re seen as the “tip of the spear,” setting up our Account Executives for success in growing our business to ultimately help more manufacturers gain back time in their days, reduce risk, and grow their business.

I also love learning about all of the processes in the manufacturing industry; the precision and skill required to create what our customers create is so impressive, and there’s never a shortage of new information. Innovation is happening all the time, and our customers’ excitement around it is contagious.

At the end of the day, the people are what make Paperless Parts so special. The BDR team is extremely close, so we share in our successes, cheer each other on, and really enjoy our time in the office. I’ve built so many amazing relationships here over this past year.

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Andrew representing Paperless Parts at a recent NTMA golf event.

How do you overcome the challenges of your role?

Dealing with rejection is inevitable as a BDR, but it teaches you to relish in the wins and enjoy your achievements that much more. It also helps you build discipline and a thick skin, both incredibly important assets for your professional and personal life.

When I see our current customers complete onboarding, start seeing ROI, and eventually become a champion of our brand, it reaffirms my impact as the tip of the spear. I think back to the cold call I made to them just a few months earlier and realize that without that, they may not have found our solution. That’s what motivates me to tackle each day with an optimistic attitude.

Knowing that our product is transforming the manufacturing industry also helps. For too long, manufacturing has been associated with an old-school approach and a “boys club” mentality. I find a lot of gratification in being part of shifting the way the industry thinks about new ideas.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining the BDR team at Paperless Parts?

A good rule of thumb is to never assume you know everything. Come in being willing to learn – not only from prospects you connect with, but from your fellow team members. It’s important to learn as much as you can about the technical engineering of our product, but there will be plenty of times where soft skills play a key role and absorbing best practices from others can really come in handy.

One of our key values at Paperless Parts is “Relationships Matter,” and I’ve found that to be incredibly true. This is a team of people who are invested in your success, value your opinion, and treat your challenges as their own. It also creates a culture where people are promoted from within – I’m excited to be moving into an Account Executive role later this year. If that sounds like a culture you could thrive in, I encourage you to check out our open roles today!

Paperless Parts is hiring across all departments. Head to our Careers page to learn about our values, benefits, and open positions today.


Andrew McCawley joined the Paperless Parts team as a BDR in July of 2021, and he will be transitioning into an Account Executive role later this year. Originally from northwest Colorado, Andrew earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Villanova University in 2021. Outside of work, he enjoys skiing, golfing, hiking, and exploring both the Rocky Mountains and New England. He currently resides in Cambridge, MA.