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3 Features You May Have Missed in Paperless Parts

3 Features You May Have Missed in Paperless Parts

The Paperless Parts team is constantly pushing updates to help your shop win more jobs and grow your business. However, we also have a lot of functionality that you might not be aware of that are built to help improve your workflows.

Here are 3 features that you may have missed on the platform:

1. Search Through Quotes and Orders to Find What You Need–FAST

Are you on a call with your customer who is asking you about a specific part? No problem! Paperless Parts lets you search through your quotes and orders. Search by part name, part number, and any string of text in the internal or external notes. You can even search by pricing and net payout.

Paperless Parts quoting platform for manufacturing


2. Easily Follow Up with Your Customers

When you see your customer has viewed the quote but has not placed an order, Paperless Parts makes it easy to follow up.

Simply go to the quote and click on the “Re-send Quote” option

Global expedite options in the Paperless Parts quoting platform

Use your follow up email template or enter a custom message.

Quoting in the Paperless Parts platform

Simply hit send and your customer receives the follow up message. It’s that easy to follow up with your customer using Paperless Parts!


3. Email Templates for Every Situation

Communication is a key part of winning jobs. Even when you cannot quote a customer RFQ, it is still important to give a response to demonstrate that you are responsive to their needs. This will keep you top of mind with your customer.

To save time, setup additional email templates for the common situations you face. Go to your Settings > Email Templates and add the additional templates you need.

Email templates in the Paperless Parts quoting platform for manufacturers

Common templates we have seen our customers use include:

  1. Template for sending quotes to new customers
  2. Template for sending quotes to repeat customers
  3. Template follow ups on quotes
  4. Template for responding with “No Quotes”

These are just some of the features you may have missed on Paperless Parts. We are constantly improving based on your feedback. Got any other ideas? Reach out to [email protected] and let us know!

– Roger Maranan


Roger Maranan is the Head of Product at Paperless Parts. He has spent his career focused on building products for manufacturers and engineers. He holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Boston University.