Podcast Series

The Women of American Manufacturing

The Women of American Manufacturing Podcast highlights the female leaders and influencers that are revolutionizing manufacturing.

In every episode, we explore each guest's journey into manufacturing, their vision for the future of American manufacturing, and the innovation, creativity, and communication that they bring to the industry.

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Meet The Host: Lindsey Athanasiou

Lindsey’s role at Paperless Parts affords her the opportunity to meet incredible people in every nook and cranny of manufacturing.

Fascinated and inspired by women who, although still a minority in the industry, are making enormous contributions to the field, she decided to launch a podcast that would give these women a platform to share their stories, their wisdom, and their passion.

A vehement advocate for gender equality and the product of a blue collar family, Lindsey received her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Women’s Studies at UMass Amherst and earned her MBA at Babson College. With the genesis of the Women of American Manufacturing Podcast, Lindsey aims to help shift the narrative for women in American manufacturing so that more girls and women pursue careers in this industry and continue to push it forward.


Aneesa Muthana’s Approach to Shop & Association Leadership

Through a decades-long silent partnership, Aneesa has helped Pioneer Service, Inc. embrace modern precision machining techniques while prioritizing her people first. She shares her challenges and victories as a leader who strives to engage employees, connect them to their work, and fuel progress throughout the industry.

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Enabling Success Across the Entire Shop Floor with Tiffany Bryson

She may sell machine tools, but this leader adds value to her clients in ways they may not expect. In Tiffany's 20 years helping US manufacturers, she has pushed through limiting mindsets, developed positive habits, and built relationships that have made her successful as a sales person, a mentor, and a woman in manufacturing.

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Carroll Thomas Strengthens American Manufacturers Through Passion, Prioritization, & Connection

From owning a small manufacturing business, to seeking out new products to sell on QVC, to leading the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), Carroll is one of the most passionate and connected women in American manufacturing. Her impact on the industry is enormous, and her vision for its future is inspiring.

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“We Will Always Be Ready”: Grace Teague Forges Her Own Path to Excellence

A “Jill of all trades”, Grace grew up in her family’s machine shop and has put her stamp on just about every department. From teaching herself Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to writing her own job descriptions when asking for new roles, and even managing a team at 19, she is the definition of a self-starter who is determined to find ways to improve the business.

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Think Like an Owner: Allison Giddens’ Tips for Buying a Shop

When she left a corporate job because the small fish, big pond life wasn’t for her, Allison couldn’t have imagined herself where she is today-- President of Operations, and co-owner, of a successful machine shop in Georgia. From using psychology in a business purchase to choosing a business partner that brings out your best, this thoughtful leader shares her lessons and learnings in this insightful episode!

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Dawn Grove on Innovating Golf Tech & Arizona's Workforce Development

As corporate counsel for her family's well-known business, Dawn provides legal counsel and stays close to the manufacturing process at PING. Her grandfather's legacy and creativity inspires her innovative approach to problem-solving and passion for a productive and thriving state of Arizona.

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Allison Grealis headshot

Get to Know Allison Grealis: The Woman Behind Women in Manufacturing

A self-described “joiner”, Allison was building communities long before founding and leading the Women in Manufacturing association and nonprofit organization. Behind the accomplishments and accolades is a woman with passions and quirks, a family to raise, and a mission to fulfill.

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Women in Cybersecurity: Julia Boswell Finds Her Calling in Cybersecurity

As the head of ProShop’s compliance, Julia navigated into her position after discovering her unique interest in cybersecurity. With the help of her mentors, Julia has quickly become an expert in the field, specializing in CMMC compliance. Her devotion to keeping manufacturers safe is only matched by her passion for encouraging more women to join her in the field.

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Christina Fuges: Molding A Network While Supporting Mold Makers

Building a business and a legacy while meeting a need for community, Christina’s career is nothing short of impressive. Her 27 years in publishing and 23 years at MoldMaking Technology have helped guide the industry into what she calls “Tooling 4.0”. During her journey from an eager newcomer to an expert communicator, Christina has helped countless people find jobs, solve problems, and thrive in the mold making industry.

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From The Stage to the (Digital) Page: Job Shop Content Marketing Services Expert Kristen Sweeney

This marketer is behind the scenes of a key piece of Industry 4.0 digital transformation for custom part manufacturers. Kristen helps job shops let the world know their unique capabilities and matches the quality of a shop's web presence to the quality of the parts they make.

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Headshots of Alex and Annika from Fulcrum

No More Incremental Improvements: Driving Change in Manufacturing Technology with Annika Cederblad and Alex Troesch

In their product and customer-facing roles at Fulcrum, Alex and Annika bring fresh perspectives to their work and to the industry. Both coming from prior careers at Target, they tackle problems without reservation, having big vision and even bigger goals.

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You Can't Do Everything At Once: Courtney Silver's Lessons Learned

As a mentor told her years ago, if you can make it through 2009, you can make it through anything, and Courtney has proved it to be true. With this adage in mind, she lead her team through the pandemic by finding opportunity in crisis, and reinventing the business to come out stronger on the other end.

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Melissa Monarko's Grit and Advice on Growing While You're Slow

Taking over her father's shop shortly after having her first child was no walk in the park. Melissa relied on her innate drive and perseverance, as well as the support of her network, to get her through tough times that have taught her valuable lessons and given her confidence she didn't know she could have. Today, she manages Metal Solutions Inc. with strategies informed by a growth mindset that has helped the team and the business thrive.

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Ashleigh Wehrle's Shop Management Style: Kindness, Humility, and Honesty

Raised in a manufacturing family but experienced in the corporate world, Ashleigh's role in her family's business, Area Tool & Manufacturing Inc., took sudden turns that taught her quick lessons. In this episode, Ashleigh doesn't hold back as she shares mistakes made along the way, the value of respecting and listening to team members, and powerful words of wisdom for other women in manufacturing.

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How Hillary Thomas Uses Emotional Intelligence To Rise In Manufacturing

"Hire for character and train for skill" is Westminster Tool's hiring motto, and it's paid off. They currently have a waitlist of skilled applicants waiting to be hired, an anomaly in an industry with a widespread labor shortage and skills gap. Through Hillary's uncommon approach to shop leadership and people management, the team at this family business has thrived. Listen to how she made it happen.

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Take a Chance On Yourself: How Cheryl Huck Blazed a Trail in Manufacturing HR

From bank teller to HR intrapreneur, Cheryl Huck made a successful transition into manufacturing 22 years ago and she hasn't looked back. From retaining 100% of the Sirois Tool team throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, to innovating hiring practices and internal culture, listen in to hear what a manufacturing veteran has learned along the way.

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Dad is Always Right: Kristin Carlson’s Path to Shop Ownership

Kristin Carlson grew up in a manufacturing family, but she never expected to work in one. Her experience outside of the shop gave her a unique perspective when it came time to follow in her father’s footsteps. In this episode, Kristin shares what she’s doing to dispel misperceptions, bring more women into manufacturing, and inspire her team (and the industry) to embrace Industry 4.0.

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