At some point, your shop is going to make a transition in leadership or ownership.

You might pass the business to your children, or sell to a motivated entrepreneur. Whatever the case might be, your expertise needs to find its way to the next generation, because right now you are the business.

You know who you are – do you do all of the quoting? Are you the only sales person who talks to customers? Is navigating your filing cabinet like cracking the enigma code? Are you the only one who remembers when you are about to quote a repeat job from years ago?

If you are even considering a transition in leadership in the next five years, this ebook will to help you take a realistic approach to valuing your business and educate you on of levers to pull to increase your shop’s value. You cannot start planning too early.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How to accurately estimate your shop’s value
  • Key value drivers that buyers look for when determining the value of an acquisition
  • How Paperless Parts can help you exit with the true value of your business
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