Estimators using quoting software for manufacturing

Protect your bottom line with fast, accurate costing and pricing

Cost Faster and Price Smarter with Paperless Parts

Our software analyzes part geometry in CAD models to estimate costs quickly, while customized pricing logic helps ensure profitability and reduce risk.

Pricing and Costing Logic Tailored to Your Shop

Highly Configurable CPQ (P3L)

Capture critical legacy knowledge about how your shop quotes and builds its parts and deploy fully customizable router templates. Our software will examine the geometry of your parts and determine which processes are required, so your estimators can get a head start.

Highly Configurable CPQ (P3L)

Establish a centrally-managed set of pricing formulas for how to mark up your labor, materials, overhead and more. 

PEMConnect fastener pricing and availability in the Paperless Viewer

Get real-time, customized quotes for metal from our partners, OnlineMetals® and Thyssenkrupp. Automatically identify purchased components (fasteners, inserts, and most types of hardware) and instantly access and compare live pricing and fastener availability directly from select distributors without having to leave your quote.

dental implant DFM warning part viewer

Paperless Parts’ geometric interrogations identify key part dimensions, manufacturing features, and potential manufacturability issues. From there, customize attributes based on your shop’s capabilities to automatically highlight potential design for manufacturability (DfM) warnings, helping prevent costly mistakes.


Our in-app nesting tools allow you to automatically optimize the cost of material and labor for multiple sheet metal parts by predicting shared cutting patterns. You can also unfold CAD files to extract important pricing parameters like dimensions, cut length, and number of pieces required.

A screenshot of the new bulk update markups/margins feature inside Paperless Parts in which an inside markup is being set to 20% while material, outside, and hardware markups are left unchanged for 7 line items.

Save valuable time and reduce clicks (and opportunities for mistakes) by bulk creating line items, applying materials, assigning estimators and performing other actions at scale. Search for similar and matching parts in the Parts Viewer and access historical data to quickly determine important costing variables like setup time and run time. When a revised quote or quotes for similar parts are needed, you can make those updates with just a few clicks.

See how Paperless Parts can get you to the right price quickly and easily.

Reach out to our team for a custom demo of our quoting software. We work with you to map out your quoting process to understand what your business is currently doing and what you need to achieve your goals.

Steve Hirsh, Founder and VP, Engineering

“Paperless Parts sped up our quoting process and leveraged all our historic data. A few extra minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but it makes a huge difference with our customers. Today’s buyers want to move quickly, so it was important that we prioritized turnaround time over a highly engineered quote.”

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Steve Hirsh, Founder and VP, Engineering
Hirsh Precision Products
Zack Fennell, COO

“We realized growth was happening in the shop, but our office functions couldn’t keep up. Now with Paperless Parts, our design and quoting processes are instantaneous. It’s easier for our estimation engineers to program, model, quote, and nest projects. It’s all one cohesive process that’s much faster.”

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Zack Fennell, COO
Cassidy Fink

“Paperless Parts is the only software we have purchased that has actually come through for us…It is an absolute
no-brainer for anyone who works in a shop. The ability to throw a 3D model into the software and get a price out
instantly sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.”

Cassidy Fink
Sales and Customer Relations Manager, Hillside Manufacturing
Products > Pricing and Costing Automation

We know that making a strategic investment in quoting software can be intimidating.

This workbook breaks down key questions to ask when it comes to a vendor's features, platform, and organization.