G2 Grid Report for CPQ Software

If you’re evaluating Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software, this is an invaluable resource. G2 Grid Reports are based on thousands of verified reviews from actual users, so you can compare dozens of vendors based on real feedback.

Learn why Paperless Parts is recognized by customers as the leader in the software category, and the highest-ranking CPQ specific for contract manufacturers and job shops.

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Paperless Parts is Ranked a Leader in CPQ Software

About the Report

The Grid® Report for CPQ | Spring 2022 by G2 scores products from the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) category based on data sourced from product reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Get access to ratings and reviews for multiple vendors across dozens of dimensions, including Satisfaction Ratings, Feature Comparisons, Segment Served, and much more.

With increasing market presence and high customer satisfaction, we’re happy and humbled to say that our customers trust us as a leader in the space, and the highest-ranking CPQ specific for contract manufacturers and job shops.

G2 CPQ Software Grid Spring 2022

Satisfaction Scores

Paperless Parts is ranked above average by customers in Quality of Support, Ease of Use, and Meets Requirements. We are rated closely to large public and enterprise companies like Salesforce and Hubspot. Manufacturers love how quickly and accurately they can quote using the platform, saving as much as 8 hours a week and increasing productivity by 50%.

The Paperless Parts team helps each shop onboard the platform in a way that matches their existing quoting process and the platform can be customized for each shops workflow.

Spring 2022 G2 Grid Quality Scores

Performance & Reliability

Customers trust Paperless Parts for performance and reliability. Manufacturers use the platform to reduce risk and minimize mistakes that cost time and money.

Paperless Parts analyzes 3D CAD models based on various manufacturing processes like CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and additive manufacturing.

The platform identifies potential issues like tight corners, deep holes that require special tooling, and bend reliefs. The manufacturability detection thresholds can be customized to your shop’s capabilities.


G2 Grid Spring 2022 Performance and Reliability Scores

Setup and Support

Paperless Parts is ranked above average by customers in Ease of Admin, Ease of Doing Business With, and Ease of Setup.

When you partner with Paperless Parts we take care of you; when you succeed, we succeed. Our dedicated support team responds to requests within 30 minutes. You can email, call, or ask for help right from the platform.

G2 Grid Spring 2022 for CPQ Software


Our customers realize return on investment within 7 months of using the Paperless Parts Platform. Manufacturers can quote on average 6x faster with Paperless Parts than with pen, paper, Excel, and tribal knowledge, enabling them to win more business. Customers have seen as much as 300% increase in revenue from the platform.

With the ability to add expedite pricing options to the digital quote, manufacturers can see even more revenue growth as customers elect to pay higher prices for faster deliveries.

G2 Grid CPQ Report ROI Measurement

Why Hundreds of Job Shops and Contract Manufacturers
Choose Paperless Parts

Stronger performance with Paperless Parts' quoting software for manufacturing

Stronger Performance

Teams using Paperless Parts increase revenue and profitability.
Paperless Parts' modern quoting software for manufacturing

Modern Software Solution

Our cloud-based platform is built using a modern and secure tech stack.
Centralized quoting software for manufacturing

Centralized Quoting Tool

Empower your team to make better decisions with your data.
Reduce errors with quoting software for manufacturing

Reduce Errors

Manage risk with a more streamlined and automated estimating process.

Why Customers Love Paperless Parts

We dug into our review data and found that customers love us for four key reasons: our world class support, time saved, ease of use, and the speed at which they can quote.

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William Gibbs
Co-Founder & Manager - Sales, Quoting, Special Projects

Paperless Parts - A Time Machine for Job Shops

Adopting Paperless Parts as the quote management tool for our waterjet cutting shop was one of the best decisions we've ever made. It reduced quote turnaround times substantially and increased the quality and consistency of our quoting documents to the point where we received compliments on the digital quote documents themselves! Along the way, I've been impressed with the strength of support and the evidence that improvements are constantly being rolled out.

Christopher Kadusky
ISO Coordinator

Greatly Reduces Quoting Time

Paperless Parts is great at identifying features of a part that we might overlook while quoting, and also provides a great template that decreases the total time it takes to quote a part, or package of parts. Using the estimated cycle time feature, we can now quote large parts packages in only a few hours. Paperless parts also provides a professional quote template that we get compliments on all of the time.

Grady Cope
President & CEO

The best product for quoting manufacturing products and they provide over the top customer service

It's individually constructed to fit our needs for analyzing and quoting projects. The software identifies problems and allows us to work with our customers to help resolve these. Additionally, it enables us to quote and track our quotes with speed and accuracy. Paperless customer service is quick and very helpful. The product is constantly updated to meet current and future needs and integrates with our ERP.

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