Double Tap Engineering Responds to 2X More RFQs With Paperless Parts
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Double Tap Engineering Responds to 2X More RFQs With Paperless Parts


Anderson, IN

Company Plan



CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication

The Challenge

Double Tap Engineering was spending hours quoting single projects on pen and paper. The time-consuming and disorganized quoting process made it difficult for the young company to expand its customer base.

The Solution

Paperless Parts organizes and streamlines Double Tap Engineering’s quoting process, enabling the team to save time for focusing on growing the business.

The Results

  • Double Tap Engineering saves 50% of time quoting each job

  • Double Tap Engineering quotes complex jobs within 20 minutes

  • Double Tap Engineering doubles the number of RFQs it responds to

  • Double Tap Engineering offers same-day quote turnaround time


Double Tap Engineering is a small family-owned and operated job shop located in Anderson, Indiana specializing in milling, turning, fabricating, and fiber laser cutting. Founded in 2018 by Cody Stephenson and his father, Mike Stephenson, Double Tap is now a rapidly growing, nationwide provider of machining and fabricating services.


As Cody and Mike sought to grow their young business, there was one major hurdle that stood in their way: quoting. For the first few years after Double Tap Engineering’s founding, Cody and Mike quoted everything manually, using pen and paper for estimating and an ever-changing Microsoft Word template to send to their customers. From the beginning, quoting was a time-consuming and inefficient process for the team, which only grew more frustrating as their customer base expanded and they began receiving more RFQs from new customers. “For a long time, I was having to stay up until after midnight quoting jobs in my garage,” Cody says. “Quoting was becoming a full-time job in and of itself when we just didn’t have the time.”

Double Tap Engineering Shop Floor
Double Tap Engineering Shop Floor

With only three employees on the Double Tap engineering team including Cody and Mike, the hours the team spent quoting translated to valuable time taken away from focusing on other aspects of developing the business. Having to quote after hours also meant that the team had less time to spend away from work with family.

In addition to time, Double Tap Engineering’s aim of increasing its number of customers and jobs was made even more difficult by its lack of documentation and visibility of previous quotes. Not only was Cody and his team spending hours on a quote, but the data that went into it was lost soon after the quote was sent to the customer. As a result, Double Tap Engineering’s quoting lacked consistency; parts were regularly over-quoted or under-quoted without explanation because there was no documentation for reference.

Cody and Mike knew that if they wanted to grow their shop, they needed a solution that would improve their quoting organization and allow them to accommodate more quotes faster. Initially, Cody was convinced that this solution would be an ERP system, either E2 or JobBoss. He soon realized that the ERP systems simply did not address Double Tap Engineering’s quoting needs as the solutions lacked the customized way of handling complex quotes in the way Cody was looking for. “The ERP systems have quoting templates but they weren’t going to help us quote any quicker,” Cody says. “We needed a solution that would help us get professional quotes in front of our customers faster.”


After learning that an ERP system would not resolve Double Tap Engineering’s quoting issues, Cody and Mike discovered Paperless Parts and knew that it would solve the exact problem their shop was facing.

From the first few days of quoting through Paperless Parts, the Double Tap Engineering team saw their quoting documentation and organization go from virtually nonexistent to being highly comprehensive, with one central system storing all of the information and data the team might need to reference. “Paperless Parts has made quoting visible and organized for our entire team,” Cody says. “Everything is saved in one place and we can go back and track every job and how it was quoted.”

Double Tap Engineering Shop Floor
Double Tap Engineering Shop Floor

Paperless Parts has also enabled Double Tap Engineering to be more open and communicative with its customers about everything related to their quotes. Paperless Parts’ manufacturability warnings, for example, allow the Double Tap Engineering team to quickly vocalize their concerns with customers. Moreover, the team has appreciated the positive feedback they now get from their customers regarding the professional appearance and user-friendliness of their quotes.

The ease of using Paperless Parts has enabled other Double Tap Engineering team members to get more involved in the quoting process. “Before Paperless Parts, I was less helpful in the quoting process because it took me so much time,” Mike says. “I can’t even begin to describe how helpful Paperless Parts has been because now everything is so straightforward.”

The documentation and ease of use that Paperless Parts provides means that Double Tap Engineering now saves a drastic amount of time quoting. The team has more than halved the amount of time they spend on each quote, going from over an hour spent on complex jobs to now less than 20 minutes. Standard quotes with 50 to 100 items now take the Double Tap Engineering team just a couple of minutes.

With the time Double Tap Engineering now saves quoting through Paperless Parts, the team has far more time to invest in other areas of their evolving business, including acquiring new customers and being out on the shop floor producing high-quality precision components.


Because of Paperless Parts, Double Tap Engineering:

  • Doubled the number of jobs they are able to quote: Cody and his team no longer have to spend over an hour on a single quote, enabling them to take on more quotes faster.

    Double Tap Engineering Shop Floor
    Double Tap Engineering Shop Floor
  • Achieved greater organization and consistency: Double Tap Engineering went from having no way of tracking their quotes to now having one centralized place any member of their team can reference at any time. This has allowed Cody and Mike to produce more consistent, accurate quotes and document important notes for later use.
  • Freed up valuable time: Quoting was once a painful and consuming process that took personal and professional time away from the Double Tap Engineering team. Paperless Parts frees up time for the team to focus on other aspects of their young business.
  • Involved more people in the quoting process: Given how complicated and disorganized Double Tap Engineering’s quoting process was, Cody was largely the one responsible for all quoting and estimating. Paperless Parts’ simple interface and internal collaboration feature means that more people can now quote on the Double Tap Engineering team.
  • Grew their customer base: Through Paperless Parts, Double Tap Engineering’s customers receive professional, intuitive quotes fast. The team can accommodate more RFQs from new customers which allows them to further expand their total number of customers.

As a growing shop, Double Tap Engineering leverages the power of Paperless Parts’ quoting software to evolve into a more competitive shop and meet the needs of customers across the country. Cody and Mike look forward to continuing to grow their business using Paperless Parts and benefiting from more professional and personal time back.

“Because of Paperless Parts, our growing shop can turn quotes around in minutes, which continuously helps us stand out from our competition. I don’t know of any other company that comes close to doing what Paperless Parts can do.” – Cody Stephenson, CEO & Co-founder