This is the sin that leaves money on the table. Buyers don’t always communicate what they want, or what is most valuable to them. They want their order on-time, but is getting it three days faster more valuable to them? Some buyers may tell you they need an expedited order, but they want it at the same price. Many shop owners are uncomfortable charging more for an expedited order for fear of losing out on the job.

1. State Your Expedited Charges Upfront
When you send your quote to your customer, include pricing for expedited orders. Buyers are used to seeing this in their personal life and won’t be shocked. When ordering a product online from Amazon, we get the option of next day or two-day delivery. If you go to the dry cleaner and you need your shirt by the next day, you expect to pay more, right? Why not offer the same tiered pricing service? You might be surprised at how many people appreciate this information upfront and will choose to get their parts produced faster because, as we discussed in the introduction, buyer expectations have shifted, and time to market has compressed. You could be the hero to your customer who needs it sooner, and at the same time, you are demonstrating that your time is valuable, and you are bringing in additional revenue.

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