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“Game Changer for Quoting”: Paperless Parts Ranks #1 High Performer in G2 Configure, Price, Quote Software Report

“Game Changer for Quoting”: Paperless Parts Ranks #1 High Performer in G2 Configure, Price, Quote Software Report

Paperless Parts hasn’t been a part of G2’s ranking of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software for long, but the Boston-based software company is already the number one high performer, and the highest ranked CPQ for job shops and contract manufacturers. The companies that surround it in rankings are those of large enterprise or public companies such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Oracle, and Zoho.

G2, an industry leader specializing in technology company reviews, looks to help businesses “discover, buy, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential” based on several factors like satisfaction ratings, feature comparisons, and more. G2 judges these factors through surveys and reviews of those who know the products best—customers.

In Paperless Part’s case, that means job shops and contract manufacturers who use the cloud-based estimating and quoting software to grow their business. They depend on it every day to increase efficiency, visibility, and revenue.

In the latest CPQ Grid Report from G2, users praised the functionality, user-friendly nature, quality of support, ROI, performance and reliability of the platform, and more.

Of the 71 reviews from manufacturers given to Paperless Parts by December of 2021, 70 were either five-star or four-star. That’s 99%. And while Paperless Parts will strive to make the ratings 100% five-star, the company is proud of every star it receives. 90% of users believe the software is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Paperless Parts at a rate of 92%.

The G2 report breaks down specific areas of customer satisfaction by surveying users about their satisfaction in six areas.

Satisfaction Ratings for Paperless Parts

In G2s’s Satisfaction Score Breakdown, Paperless Parts is the software to use, scoring a 90% or higher (well above average) in all six categories. Paperless Parts scored a 96% in quality of support and ease of doing business with.

Set Up & Support Ratings for Paperless Parts

While the numbers speak volumes, the most important part for Paperless Parts is the tributes from users. One headline summed up the feelings of many: “Game Changer for Quoting.”

“[What I like best is] the easy way everything is tied together. It takes all the guesswork out of quoting. One database for all parts, and it has recognition. I don’t feel another product compares,” wrote a user in Aviation & Aerospace.

Nobody can better reveal whether Paperless Parts is meeting needs than the manufacturers using the software. Read all of the Paperless Parts reviews on G2 here.


Return on Investment

According to the report, Paperless Parts customers realize return on investment within 5 months of using the platform. This is well below the average of 16 months for all CPQ software.

Return on Investment from Paperless Parts vs industry average
Paperless Parts customers see ROI within just 5 months of using the quoting platform.

Manufacturers can quote 6x faster with Paperless Parts than with pen, paper, Excel, and tribal knowledge, enabling them to win more business. Customers have seen as much as 300% increase in revenue from the platform. With the ability to add expedite pricing options to the digital quote, manufacturers can see even more revenue growth as customers elect to pay higher prices for faster deliveries.

What do Paperless Parts users like best?

From the 71 reviews from customers, here is a sampling of what users like best about the platform (names of reviewers are given exactly as they are on G2):

  • “Being able to upload and utilize the information on CAD files took several steps out of our process. It’s also great to be able to store all info obtained for the quote in one digital location.” – Janice E
  • “…visibility of quote status and functionality to follow up on open quotes and easily (and automatically) turn them into orders in our ERP.” – Patrick D
  • “Paperless Parts does effortless integrations.” – Administrator in Machinery
  • “I really like the visual aspect of seeing the 3D models on the Parts page.” – User in Machinery
  • “The software lets you know if you have quoted a part before and if so, allows you to pull all the previous information from the previous quote into a new quote.” – Joe W

Grady Cope wrapped his thoughts into one tidy paragraph: “It’s individually constructed to fit our needs for analyzing and quoting projects. The software identifies problems and allows us to work with our customers to help resolve these. Additionally, it enables us to quote and track our quotes with speed and accuracy. I think they are helping to change the culture of manufacturing by automating and innovating the digital environment. It’s not just about quoting the process; it’s rethinking how to make the process work for both the shop and the customer.”

Customer Support

One of our key values at Paperless Parts is that relationships matter. We strive to work with each individual to build trust and ensure they feel comfortable using the platform.

  • “Customer service is always so helpful and quick to reply with any answers to questions. There are quick tips and videos to help along the way, and the site is very easy to navigate.” – Amy G
  • “Not only was paperless parts very easy to learn, the onboarding team was terrific! Made it so easy and configured the product specifically for us!” – User in Construction
  • “Paperless Parts has a very good understanding of custom parts manufacturers because of their managements’ experience of owning and operating successful custom parts manufacturing businesses…They have streamlined the quoting process for job shops.” – Brian K
  • “Paperless is the most user-friendly platform I have worked with. It makes quoting so much more efficient. The customer service is excellent.” – User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Consistency and Accuracy of Quoting

  • “Paperless Parts has matched our excel sheet quoting to the penny” – Peter M
  • “We love the accuracy, consistency, and speed it has given us when preparing our quotes for our customers.” – User in Defence and Space
  • “The automatic geometry analysis is awesome. It allows us to quickly evaluate parts for manufacturability and it generates time estimates automatically for quoting a variety of materials and manufacturing processes.” – Nick P

Flexibility and Speed

  • “I am in sales so being able to look at a solid model on my phone WITH a customer in real time is everything. We are able to land business because of it.” – Jessica W
  • “The fact I can quote jobs from ANYWHERE.” – User in Machinery
    “We’re able to go from model to quote in less than 5 minutes per part, getting our quotes to buyers faster.” – Brian K
  • “We can quote parts 10X faster than using our old ERP system.” – Tony J

Performance and Reliability

Customers trust Paperless Parts to be 100% reliable. Manufacturers use the platform to reduce risk and minimize mistakes that cost time and money.


Creating a Stellar Customer Experience

Paperless Parts enables manufacturers to win new customers and repeat business by providing a frictionless customer experience and clear communication with digital quotes and payments. With secure file sharing and chat features, manufacturers can communicate securely with their customers right from the platform.

  • “The actual quote has a great presentation to customers including a picture of the physical part.” – User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
  • “Since the product is web-based, it allows us to work remotely and with any computing device available, which increases the speed at which we can reach our customers.” – Grady C
  • “Paperless Parts is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for both you and the customer…Paperless makes interfacing with customers easy for everyone involved.” – Nick G
  • “…the experience it provides to my customers and the consistency of quotes it gives me.” – Jesse C

If you are evaluating CPQ software, this is an invaluable resource. Compare dozens of vendors based on real feedback.