In quoting, redundancy is a time killer, and since getting the quote out as quickly as possible is critical to winning a quote, time is something you can’t afford to waste. There is a lot of intellectual knowledge that goes into quoting a job, so why not reference past quotes where you already invested that time and effort?

1. Archiving Past Quotes for Easy Accessibility
Are your previous quotes and jobs filed in an easily accessible way? Having a central repository or software that archives all your quotes and jobs that makes it easy to reference a similar past quote or job is invaluable. It will make the quoting faster and increase the accuracy of your quote. You can look at the previous job in its entirety and review if the past pricing you quoted was accurate for the job you did.

2. Standardizing Your Quoting Method
Are you using the same quoting method regardless of how many people are responsible for quoting? If several people in your job shop are responsible for quoting and they all use their own method of quoting, then you run the risk that a returning customer will see varying prices. This inconsistency could cost you the job. Using technology to leverage geometric-driven quoting will automate and standardize your quoting – based on the real cost of manufacturing.

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