Introducing The Women of American Manufacturing Podcast

Today we launch The Women of American Manufacturing, an open conversation where we sit down with women leaders and makers across the manufacturing industry to explore their journeys into manufacturing, their vision for the future, and the innovation, creativity, and change that they bring to the industry. What is The Women of American Manufacturing all … Continued

Leveraging Grants and Federal Assistance to Grow Your Business

Advancing your shop’s technological and training capabilities is a worthwhile investment that can grow your business in unprecedented ways. Though it can be difficult to take assets out of your day-to-day operations to make this a reality, this doesn’t mean you should write off pursuing what will advance your business today. State grant programs assist … Continued

Manufacturing ERP Software – MES vs ERP

MES Versus ERP—What’s the Difference? The world of manufacturing software is rife with acronyms. There are acronyms for almost any type of software solution—MRP, ERP, and CAD—or specific function or capability—MPS, MRP, ATP, and CTP. Two of the most common acronyms you may encounter while searching for manufacturing software or capability are ERP and MES. … Continued

Manufacturing ERP – Everything you should know about ERP Software

Everything You Need to Know About ERP Software Anyone that has grown up in industry knows that manufacturing ERP or shop management software is nothing new.  Many of the solutions available for small and mid-market manufacturers today have their roots and origins in the solutions designed well over 50 years ago.  These precursors to modern … Continued

Credit Card Checkout in Manufacturing

“Creating more memorable online experiences not only generates sales, it creates emotion, company connection and loyalty. It’s no longer enough to offer great products or have the coolest office. It helps, yes, but in the end, it all comes back to emotions, to making people feel unique and special.” – Founder of Empathy Ecommerce.  Step … Continued

Paperless Parts is Not an ERP!

At Paperless Parts, our mission is to help job shops overcome the skills gap by giving you the same tools that large companies are spending millions to build. We help you realize the same value and put you on the same footing, at a fraction of the cost.  It is impossible to be amazing at … Continued