Think Like an Owner: Allison Giddens’ Tips for Buying a Shop

When Allison Giddens pet-sat for Dennis as a teenager, she couldn’t have known that one day, she’d not only work for him but actually buy his business, Win-Tech. Allison’s story is not only entertaining but chock-full of insights and advice for anyone, particularly women, looking to make the move into shop ownership. Hers is a … Continued

Molding A Network While Supporting Mold Makers with Christina Fuges

Today’s episode of The Women of American Manufacturing podcast features Christina Fuges, a woman who pioneered publications (with others, as she’s quick to add) that built and now support the active community of American mold makers. Today, that community makes up over 500 companies. Christina is filling a need for this niche category of manufacturing … Continued

Introducing The Women of American Manufacturing Podcast

Today we launch The Women of American Manufacturing, an open conversation where we sit down with women leaders and makers across the manufacturing industry to explore their journeys into manufacturing, their vision for the future, and the innovation, creativity, and change that they bring to the industry. What is The Women of American Manufacturing all … Continued