Why The Cloud Gives Your Shop a Competitive Advantage

B2B software continues to move to the cloud, but the manufacturing industry is lagging adoption. Historically, people have worried that cloud software might compromise their security. In fact, today’s professional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are far more secure than on-premise solutions. Another objection to cloud software is the recurring expense model, rather than a one-time cost. … Continued

Why Job Shop Growth Stalls

I recently had one of our customers ask me an important question as he prepares to take over his family’s job shop: “What keeps shops from growing past a certain point and what/where is that point?” The first part of the question is addressed by common roadblocks outlined below. Regarding the point where most shops … Continued

A Tip for Job Shops on Managing Overflow Work

Jobs sourced shop to shop are different. It is a collaborative effort between the two shops as opposed to a customer/shop relationship. The sourcing shop may have gotten slammed with orders or a machine went down. The shop receiving the overflow work wants or even needs the business. Importantly, because the receiving shop does not … Continued

How to Successfully Run a Prototype Job Shop

Tom Pursch was COO of RAPID Manufacturing, a CNC machining and sheet metal shop that grew to $50M in sales and sold to Proto Labs, Inc. (PRLB) in 2017 for $120M. Today, Tom is the CEO of PGC Wire and Cable, a custom wire harness and cable assembly job shop. Build a Repeatable Manufacturing Process … Continued