Why I Joined Paperless Parts: Max Tipton (VP of Sales)

It was a cold night. The crisp air meant only two things, the streets were quiet and danger was creeping in… Okay, maybe the story of how I ended up at Paperless Parts isn’t that interesting, but it is one I’m proud to share. My entire career before Paperless Parts was spent helping hyper-growth companies … Continued

Engineering Success: What Makes a Winning Engineer at Paperless Parts?

We’ve built Paperless Parts with a tight-knit, gritty engineering team of A players. As we expand our team, we’ve asked ourselves an important question: What are the characteristics of a successful engineer at Paperless Parts? Here’s how we answered. Successful engineers take ownership of the entire lifecycle of a user story There may be some … Continued

The Co-op Experience at Paperless Parts

As a Project Lead at Sandbox ― one of Northeastern University’s student-led software development organizations ― Cindy Luo embraces the importance of working in immersive, hands-on roles during her time as a computer science student. At Sandbox, students tackle real-world projects for clients in a team setting. The students involved in the organization are go-getters, … Continued