The High Cost of Estimating Cycle Times

Whether it is milling, turning, swiss or a combination of, shop owners ask me every day if the Paperless Parts system will match their shop’s cycle times. At the root of their question is a pain in their quoting process: estimating cycle times is one of the biggest time sinks when quoting. It is one … Continued

Simplifying the Numbers

The following article uses The Job Shop Break-Even Rate Calculator. Follow along and find your shop’s break-even rate! One of the most important numbers a business owner needs to know is when they are breaking even (Revenue = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost). This is the line in the sand that clearly delineates between profit … Continued

Why Digital Quotes?

“Every decision that could have the slightest impact on the customer must be carefully considered before moving forward. As we move into the digital era of customer service, that is more true than ever. A customer is not a transaction or account number. A customer is a human being.” – Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, … Continued