We’ve been hard at work improving the product based on your feedback. Check out what’s new in the latest version of Paperless Parts!

Find Similar Parts When Quoting a Part

When quoting a part for a customer, Paperless Parts now checks to see if you have quoted the part before based on part name and part number.

Feature Tree and Manufacturability Notes in the Part Viewer

In the part viewer, you can now see the estimated setups and the features we identify to estimate run times.

The manufacturability warnings now appear right in the part viewer.

View the bounding box of the part.

And now you can view your part in a wireframe view.

Viewing Supported Files

We know it’s important to see customer supporting files such as prints, drawings, and PDFs. When you upload these supporting files, you can switch to viewing them right in the Paperless Parts Viewer.

View Status, Company and Customer Information on Build Quote Page

The status of the quote is now next to the quote number. Customer and Company information is now available to help guide your quoting process.

Enhanced Search in Quotes and Orders

Search has been enhanced in quotes and orders. You can now search by part name and any word or text string that appears in internal and external notes. You can also search by pricing and net payout now in Orders. Searching by part number and revision will be coming soon.

Other enhancements

  • Unit price is now available on hover over the total price.
  • Request for re-quote email now goes to the entire team.
  • In quotes, “Download PDF” option is always available from the Actions drop-down.
  • Other minor enhancements and fixes.

We hope you like the latest update.

Send your feedback to support@paperlessparts.com and let us know what we can do to make Paperless Parts better for your shop!